92 News Reported Aggressive Behavior With A Child

A child got slapped by 92 News reporter in a park and the news grabbed attention as people started sharing it on social media channels. The female reporter was covering a news but the child was continuously irritating her by coming into the camera and making weird sort of poses.

The incident took place in a park where the female reporter of a private news channel got angry on the naughty acts of  boy who is hardly 10 years old. He was very smart as he know what to do when the camera is on.

However, finding no way out of such situation, the female reported got angry and slapped the boy on the face. She couldn’t control her anger on the irritating acts of the boy who was disturbing her.

To get rid of the boy, she slapped him but eventually ended up getting attention of millions of people on social media. People started sharing this video on different social media platform just for the sake of fun, which made the female reporter even more angry as no one wants to become famous while doing wrong things.

The female news caster got highly irritated and couldn’t resist herself from giving a slap.

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