92 News Reporter Slapped A Kid While Reporting

A disapproving incident happened when a female reporter of a private channel slapped a kid on the face while covering a news story. She became infuriated when a kid posed a salute by standing beside her. This video shows reflects the low level professionalism of our journalism.

This sort of weird and aggressive behaviour is seen by news reporters all over the world. It is true that the kid was doing naughty things but he was just a kid and no kid deserves such behaviour from a professional person like a news channel reporter

Video Link: http://khabartaiz.com/ke7DC

Professionals in the field of journalism should behave in a more decent manner because they are the informers and opinion makers. If they start behaving in a childish way then no one will take them seriously. It not only brings the expectations of the audience down but also poses a question on the training of these professionals.

However, people should also teach their kids to behave in a decent and appropriate manner. Parents should take care of everything of their child to make him or her one of the best citizens. They should teach morality and ethics to their kids from the initial age.

The news channels should also train their professionals in a way that could help them to become true professionals. These reporters should impress people wherever they go by behaving in a polite and professional manner but this female reporter failed to live up to the standards of a true journalist.

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