Air Hostess gets involved in unethical services

Some female Air hostess of national air carrier has found involved in some unethical things during their tours to other counters. It was found during previous days that airlines female staff was getting involved in several out of law things. The female staff members were arrested at an international airport because of such things.

Major airlines in the world prefer to introduce experienced and professional staff in fleet. The air hostess has become the most important part of air services these days. Air carriers spend most of their resources to hire and train the best air steward.

Air hostess are not only females these days. Some major airlines in the world have successfully introduced male stewards as well. Both male and female air stewards are working professionally for their air carriers.  The guests in the air plane mostly give preference to the air carriers whose people are more professional and efficient in the air.

Airlines can get a lot of business due to better services of air hostess. If guests in the plane feel that they are not served properly they gets attracted towards other air services. Airlines staffs are not only responsible for providing good services in the air but they are also responsible for similar survives on the ground.

Airport staff are lesser responsible for airlines passengers on the ground as well. Airport survives are mostly responsible for the handling air planes. Passenger services always a responsibility of the air hostess, both in the air and on the ground.

PIA hostess found with Indian friends

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