Air hostess is insulted by villager in airplane

Air hostess is insulted by villager in airplane when she was serving to her passenger. The airplane was travelling to Dubai from Lahore in which there were numbers of Pakistanis who belonged to villages and did not have sense. They even did not have etiquettes to talk with females unfortunately.

They were also disturbing to other passengers who were travelling with them. They were getting discomfort when they got too many passengers from Lahore Airport. Some of passenger also requested to air hostess to change their seats in airplane. They were all those people who were travelling to Dubai for working purposes.

One of them also started to make video of air hostess which was really irritating for her. She asked to him many times to stop this practice but he did not stop. In the end, she also shouted at him but it was not enough for him.

In the end, she decided to call security team of airplane and asked about the man as he was making her video. The security manager of airplane himself went to his seat and asked him as he would be sentenced if he did it again. Hilariously, he deviated from his act and as he did not do anything.

It was really amazing as he was denying of anything who was not forbidding making video of airhostess. Actually, all people who are travelling to Dubai, they often become reasons of many problems and air hostess often afford them unfortunately.

Passenger Gets Deserved Treatment 

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