Alarmed situation of Pakistan International Airline – PIA

Alarmed situation of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is needed to be checked by government authorities. It is also said as some pilots also are found in unwanted health condition while monitoring to airplane unfortunately. On the other hand, PIA also has another problem regarding its air hostesses. According to information, they have very old air hostesses which does attract to its customers unfortunately.

According to reports, it is taken as necessary to change air hostess who has lost their good looking while working in any air company. All air companies are focused it on priority basis and they never compromised on it. According to them, air hostesses are their first impression to their customers who attracts them to get air tickets of their companies.

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There are also many other advantages considered if air companies have young and beautiful air hostesses. Once there was a time when PIA was considered as world’s best air company and people used to come to get training of everything from Pakistan Airlines air Hostesses. Even some famous companies of this era also have gotten services from Pakistan Airlines in past.

When the whole problems are discussed managing director of Pakistan Airlines, he admitted as there was a huge interference of political personalities in past in this institution. Political parties used this institution for its own purposes and devastated to whole institution unfortunately. They even have no funds to maintain their present airplane. Once it was the institution whose income always saved in surplus and now we have nothing in PIA account.

Most of the people have nothing to do in Pakistan Airlines and recruited just because of reference of political personalities. Those political personalities not only recruited them but also forced to institution to appoint at high seats.  This is the main reason of PIA to be devastated in last 10-15 years and now it is very near to be shattered into pieces.

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