Alarming condition of ethical values in Indian society

Our society has been vacant from ethical values. It even does not thing about our religious values which give us very wonderful plan to spend the life. People have started to ignore the Islamic values and ethical values as well. Now our society has the glimpse of western society which is commendable.

There is no one in the homes who can implement restrictions on the women to go out. They feel proud when they go out and destroy the Islamic and ethical values of our religion. Our young generation feels proud to break the Islamic rules which seem horrible for our coming generation.


Our neighbor country is also facing the same results as they are also not focusing on their religious beliefs. They have made one video in which they have tried to show how our nation did not miss any occasion of harassment when they get. In the given video one officer meets with the young women when he goes in her home to meet her husband.

Actually she was also professional in trapping to young men. She started to trap him when she saw him. He also has made his intention to destroy the ethical values and want to have relation with her. So he meets with her husband but his eyes remains on her.

Actually both husband and wife have same business to trap the young people. Both are equally involved to obliterate the ethical values. Husband himself asked him to develop the relations with other young man so that they can have their new prey. When you will see the whole video you would understand the whole story.

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