American girl scars at her office

One American girl was scared at time when she was leaving office after completing her work. She was very normal at the time of leaving. She properly watched each and everything in the office when she was leaving office. Even she checked the lights.

When American girl reached at the corridor she abruptly started to cry. She was crying like someone was scaring her. In the scaring condition, she returned to her office. She did not know as her every movement was recorded in the CCTV camera.

When American girl reached in her office she again started to scream. She was again having the voices of unknown things which are disturbing her a lot. She was about to senseless due to those voices.

This was not the single video clip in which we can see the paranormal activities, there are also many video clips have been shared on internet portals. In one video clip you can see as there was a office in which there was no employee.

In that office, at the time of 3:00 a.m. different objects were in moving condition like chair, door and many other things. So science is also helpless in this matter and could not give proper answer in this regard.

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