American Police misbehaves student in South Carolina

American police misbehaves with student in University when he was getting his class. He was in his class when police officer of American police came in and started to hurt him badly. According to information, he was misbehaved by police who was appointed in the police station. He had no severe allegation on him but he was being treated horribly.

According to survey, more than 42,000 people have been died due to torture in different states of United States of American including South Carolina in last decade including Waller County where female with the name of Bland was also died. According to some reporters as it was also told to media as she took her life by her own that is really astonishing. According to information, she had got recently new job and she was very happy over this.

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Critics report as it was not possible for that woman to take her life when she had wonderful days of her life especially for which she had waited for many years. Some critics announced her death as just anomaly from police side. It was told to media as she hanged herself when she was in in her cell.

Coming back to story he was only 25-year-old and very cheerful boy especially in those days when he was hit due to some suspects in South Carolina. Some critics also said as if it was true as he had made some mistakes in his colleges then he should be dragged in court. But, American police had no right to hit him in the class as he did with him horribly.

He came to him and asked him to stand up for her complete search for which he was ready to stand up but American police man started to hit him badly. However, the whole university management took notice of this incident and also reported in concerned department in South Carolina to carry on this case. Then, media also released his photos later on which were really unbearable.

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