Angry Elephant Becomes problem for Indian Tourists

A large crowed at a public park in India was surprised by sudden rush by an angry elephant. The elephant caused serious damages to the properties at the public park. However, lives of the tourists in the public park remain safe from the animal.

It has often seen in Indian that when an angry elephant start creating mess with people, more losses are suffered. Mostly elephants become dangerous for tourists because of lack of animal knowledge in people. People very often are seen making mess with the animals in the animal parks. Otherwise, any animal has never seen making huge problems.

Angry elephant or any other animal only become dangerous if it is not treated in the right manner. Tourists only suffer when they do not treat the animals in the right manner. The responsibility of controlling the animals in a wildlife park has always given to professionals. Non-professionals always becomes reason of mishandling the animals. Such cases result in huge loses.

The angry elephant in Kerala, India also made huge loss because a nonprofessional person was controlling it. If the elephant hawker was a trained professional these was not much loss expected. The losses of the tourists will be covered by the public park administration.

Several tourists in the public park have also refused to come again with the fear of the angry animal. However, the wildlife authorities in India have assured everyone for future safety. The angry elephant was replaced with another new animal and trained in the animal park.

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