Angry Elephant Charges at Tourist Lady in India

An angry elephant went out of control and become a huge problem for the authorities in Kerala, India. The animal was used for Tourist amusement. However, getting angry, the animal made huge loss in the public park. A huge trouble was seen for a long time in the public park.

Almost every animal park in India has several types of animals and elephants. Elephant has a special respect in Hindi religion as well. The giant animal has a big attraction of the tourists all over the world. The animal parks and wildlife parks keeps this animal to amuse children. However, it has seen that controlling any angry elephant become the most difficulty job in the world.

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The Angry elephant in Kerala, India was also very difficult to control for several minutes. The elephant broke into several cars of the tourists and autos in the public park before the authorities arrived. The animal was later controlled by the security and was shifted to a looked place.

The angry elephant was not used for tourist amusement after the incident. Luckily, there was no serous loss of life reported in the incident. Tourists coming from several places in India were allowed to see the angry animal to watch from outside the cage.

The tourists coming in the public park are demanding for elephant ride regularly. However, the authorities in India are willing to replace the animal instead of taking any more risks. The authorities and applied for a new animal to replace with the angry animal.

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