Arab Women doing weird things mesmerizes Englishman

Arab women in a shopping mall restaurant mesmerized an Englishman eating noodles with spoons behind burqa. It was hilarious for everyone to watch the ladies eating behind the burqa. Eating noodles has always been difficult for anyone in normal condition.

Realizing the Arab women eating the noodles with spoons behind the hijab in Burqa was a great enjoyment for anyone. However, looking at the ladies sitting between hundreds of people in the shopping mall was another unique experience to watch as well. The English citizens was also surprised to see the ladies not forfeiting their Hijab in public even facing default in eating noodles.

For some, watching these Arab Women in shopping market was amusement. However, in reality it was a great lesson for all Muslim ladies who go out in public wearing unethical dresses. It has commonly seen that Muslim women are wearing western and Indian fashion in life. Women have lost the respect of Islamic culture in their dresses.

Muslims ladies should take lesson from Arab women living in the Gulf countries. No Muslim woman of Arab countries has seen at a shopping market or any other public place ever without proper dress or hijab. They strictly follow the Islamic dressing daily life. Arab ladies do not go out in public but also use proper dresses inside the house as well.

All Muslim females should use proper dress whenever going into a shopping market or any other public place. Arab Women are given a lot of respect everywhere in the world because of wearing proper dress and Hijab.

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