Arab Women Dressed in Burqa Surprised Englishman

Two Arab Women dressed in usual black burqa at a restaurant surprised an Englishman when they started eating weirdly. The ladies had come for shopping in a shopping market and decided to have a causal fast food. However, use of burqa was becoming problem in eating noodles.

The Arab Women eating noodles wearing Hijab in face were in hilarious condition. The English citizen sitting next to them also amused with the situations. It was not only the Englishman in the fast food restaurant but everyone at the market was enjoying. Many people in the shopping market had left their work to watch weird activates of Arab ladies.

Watch Video:

Very rarely Arab women are seen without Hijab and Burqa in Markets. In some Arab countries, women without hijab are not allowed to come inside the Shopping market. The entire Arab world strictly follows the use of Burqa and Hijab in daily life.

Arab Women cannot go out in public with use of Burqa. Even some times it has noticed that the shopping market salesmen in Arab countries refuse to deal with women without proper dresses. Arab females are considered very respectable because of strictly using the Hijab in daily life. Hijab is not only the part of Arab society but has been an important ingredient of women’s dress in Islam as well.

Hijab and Proper dress gives a unique respect to the ladies in shopping market or anywhere else in the public. Great amount of respect for the Arab women everywhere in the world can be taken as an example by all ladies.

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