Bad example to disrespect girls

In some few years, there are some groups have evolved in this world with the name of Muslims who have erupted the whole with their tyrant activities. They call themselves the real Muslim around the whole world unfortunately and people also ready to accept it especially from Europe.

When we goes in history we find some conspiracies at world level, when Israel attacked on Syria, it was defeated badly from the hands of Syrian army. So they decided to beat Syria in the same way as they beat to Israel. In many countries, ISIS are known as the worst enemy of modern human life. Never in the history have people seen such inhuman things.

It was the time of 2002 when new President of America was very near to get his seat for next 5 years. They decided to make plan against Syria to defeat them and punished them badly. They also planned to dissolve the country as they have done.

They raised the wave of religions like Shia and Sunni. They supported to Sunni group and started to help them for getting their own purpose. They supported them for many years and when they understand as they can stop the government they started to insertion.

In this way, they fell down the government of Syria and now those Jews are having unethical activities with girls on the name of Islam and like to call themselves as Muslims. In many countries, ISIS extremists are working but have never been given respect as others. They are the worst example of human behavior ever witnessed.

ISIS Purchasing Girls 

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