Belgium Forest where Traffic jammed for 70 years

Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium was the best ever sight of traffic jam of several abandoned cars while sitting in overgrown forest. Indeed branches and vines of trees were overgrown on several thousand shining beauties in middle of Europe for more than seven decades.

It happened at end of World War II in Europe when the time had come home for the American soldiers. While they were joyfully and packing up to leave, the soldiers had their realization as they could travel from Belgium on their vehicles. They decided to hide their cars in a traffic jam situation in the forest until they would come back and get their belongings.

The soldiers never got chance to come back Europe after the World War II to get the cars. The cars have been converted into wreckage by traffic jam and it was decided to remove in 2010. Government of Belgium cleaned the whole forest in the mid of 2010. It ended the seventy years old antique and historical collection of vintage cars in forest.

Before the removal, several antique cars lovers also took a lot of needful parts for their cars from the wreckage. The cars shifted to scrap yard from the forest traffic jam in Belgium. Most of the cars were auctioned to antique car lovers and rest of the wreckage was burnt in factories in Europe.

By this, historical story of these cars with their Haunted car graveyard is become a part of books. There are also some footage of the yard available in some videos.

Traffic Jam


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