A big hole appears on Brazil’s road

A big hole appears on Brazil’s road which becomes the cause of road incident of one vehicle. One couple was going somewhere happily when they faced trouble when their vehicle was plunged into a big hole on main road. It was awesome for the watchers as how it was possible to make a big hole on Main Boulevard in Brazil.

They were not in speed when they got the incident. According to couple they were going in relax mode and had no intention to be fast. They were just reached at the spot and then vehicle was at once down to earth. It was just a jerk and both were under the road by making a big hole on main road.

VIDEO: http://khabartaiz.com/4eXDK

People were gathered there and they started their efforts to save their lives. Luckily both were safe without any minor wound. Firstly, they were out of their sense and started to behave like mad people. It was a big shock for them as they never faced any road incident like this way. They were not in their sense and scolding to responsible very badly.

Then people asked them to be relaxed so that they could pick them out of vehicle as well as from the big hole. Then they got normal and started to cooperate with the people who were trying to pick them out of hole. They also called to emergency services of the government but they got late. They started to give them emergency services by their own and did not wait for their arrival.

People also were there and they were scolding to management as they did not care about the material as what they were using. They further demanded from the government to be punished as soon as possible to responsible people. In the end, people were successful to get couple out of the vehicle.

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