Biker losses life in Horrible Train Incident

A tragic Train Incident in central Punjab has left people baffled. A young man was trying to cross the railway track along with his motorbike when the train arrived suddenly. Instead of leaving the bike and saving own life, youngster decided to save the bike.

In the result, bike came right in front of the train and struck in full velocity. The images after the incident had occurred were not watchable for people with weak heart. It was parts of human flesh and bones everywhere in the surroundings.

They further described as some people took the advantage of the incident and theft her mobile phone and purse and then people were unable to locate her identity. They put her dead body nearby railway track and looking for miracle for her identity. Some cases are often heard about the people who are hit to trains and could not revive due to the harshness of the matter.

It is also mystery as some people also named it of self-destruction as it is impossible not to see such a big object coming to you while having hand free in the ears. There are some incidents which are reported of boys and girls who have committed self destruction. There are also many video clips on different internet portals like daily motion, you tube and many other where you can search such incidents.

So, at that time, people were worried about her identity because they had no clue about her. They also had some intention to put her in the dead house until they did not find her parents. Police was also arrived there after hearing the incident and people hand over to them the dead body of girl.

Train Live Video

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