Bizarre places in Saudi Arabia

There are certain bizarre places in Saudi Arabia where people go to see and analyze those places. Sometimes, people go to firm their beliefs over Allah and sometimes it belongs to miracle of Allah. In Saudi Arabia, boy was showing some magic as water was going down at crackles road which was amazing.

He even made video of that event when he was pouring water on the road but it was not flowing on the road. There were also many other people there who were watching the whole matter and getting amazed. There are also many other places like this in Saudi Arabia that are worth seeing in religious point of view.

Actually all golf countries have many places where miracles of Allah happened because of Prophet of Allah who were brought up there. Including Palestine and Golf countries, there are few countries which were selected by Allah to send His Prophets.

So, it was the big reason of miracles in golf countries. Sometimes these miracles are belonged to different Prophets and sometimes it originates itself. The given video does not belong to anyone but it originates itself as water is going down at crackles road.

People were also amazed to see what was happening with the water. Some of them also made video and put it on different internet portals. It got highest viewership in few minutes and people started to search it on internet. You can also share it with your friends so that they can also see the miracle or something else in Saudi Arabia.

wadi-e-jin-saudi arabia magic of water

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