Brave Muslim woman disrespects French President

Brave woman disrespects to President of France when he imposes restriction on Muslim community to avoid veil. Veil is the main element for Muslim females when they come out from their homes for some purposes. It is asked to all Muslim community through multiple sources Quran and Hadith to have Hijab while coming outside. So, it was definitely very crucial decision for Muslim females.

One of Muslim females disrespects to President of France when he was ready to deliver his speech. He was invited in one of important meeting and female got him on the stage. He was not expecting anything like this as what happened with him. His security team was also very satisfied due to which female approached there without facing any hurdle.


She abruptly was on the stage and caste some powder like material on him. He was badly disturbed after having lot of powder like material on him. He stood there quiet and calm and did not say anything to that female. Security man took no time to capture her hands and lied down on the stage.

When it was asked as why she did it with the President of France, she replied harshly as she could not want to be come out without veil. She did it as a protest against President as he could understand as at what level Muslims women took it necessary. The restriction on veil was started due to spreading unwanted incidents in France.

According to management of France, security forces face difficulties to identify suspect people when females have veil. When females would have no veil, they would face no problem to identify them. On the other, it is also as they wanted to finish all Islamic values from their country so that they can tease to Muslim community.

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