Bulls become the reason to jam traffic

Bulls become the reason to jam traffic in one of busiest of city of Pakistan. There were started to fight with each other when they got free from their point. Both were very healthy and active and were not missing any chance to hurt each other.

People were enjoying the whole situation as it was new for many people. They have seen fights between dogs and little animals but they never saw this before. Due to that fight, even traffic got also jammed badly but people were not disturbing to both bulls. People were getting disturbed who were sat in their vehicles.

On the other hand, the owner of these two bulls was searching for them and wondering from here and there. He did not know as their bulls were fighting amidst the main road. After passing sometime, someone told him about his bulls and he sent to his son for taking both of them.

Some people got disturbed too much due to traffic jam as they were patient. Actually, in many cities government did not allow to have cattle in the city to avoid such problems. Government provides free space to all owners to have their cattle at safe places.

Government also wants to get all cattle out of city as they also offer hurdle in keeping city clean. Government is applying these strategies in all other cities in Pakistan so that they get able to have cleaned their all cities.

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