Call to prayers at Dubai Mall Amuses Baby

A small baby girl was amused of hearing the voice of Azan in Dubai Mall. She was visiting the Dubai Shopping Mall at that time along with her family. The family had come from a European country. The small child had never listen voice of the call to prayer before in her life.

The baby girl stood still and quietly on the floor of Dubai Mall until the voice of Azan continued. After the call to prayer was ended the child went to her parents and inquiries about the beautiful voice. She asked her father that from where the voice was coming. Father told her that when it’s time to pray, the caller call the Muslims to pray Allah.

It was a unique experience for a baby girl who had risen in a European country and came to Dubai first time. The voice of Azan in Dubai Mall was like a dream voice for her actually coming from nowhere. He questions from her father were also very innocent.

It is a tradition in Dubai that when it is time for prayers all the crowded places like Dubai mall play the recorded Azan on their speakers to inform people about the prayer time.  Not only the Baby girl but many other tourists in the country become surprised first time with the same voice.

The voice of recorded Azan played at the Dubai Shopping mall was so much attractive that the baby girl was in a freezing state for a while. It was not only her but any stranger hearing such voice becomes impressed at Dubai mall.

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