Carelessness of doctors declares dead to alive man

Carelessness of doctors declares dead to alive man when it was taken to hospital by policemen. Actually he was the culprit and was behind the bar due to some reasons. According to reports as man was very sick and had to transfer in hospital from the jail. Two policemen were also with him when he was sent to jail.

After a routine checkup doctors declared him as dead as his breath was not coming. Policemen were surprised as it was very unusual for them. Doctors gave orders to ward boys to transfer his dead body in dead house. After sometimes, it was decided as doctors would do postmortem of hid dead body according to rules.


When doctors turned again towards dead boy, they noticed as he was not dead but alive and was getting his breath. When it was told to those ones who declared him as a dead, they were not ready to admit their fault. The news was spread in the whole hospital about their inefficiency and doctors were not ready to admit.

They also shifted to dead patient who had got revived fortunately and started his medications again. There were some news reporters also there who were noticing the whole situation. The other patients were also amazed after hearing the whole story of doctors. Those doctors were also disappeared suddenly after hearing the news of dead patient which was actually alive.

The news was spread in the whole city and people were shocked after knowing the reality. People had very good thinking about those doctors which were responsible for all matter. A special inquiry committee also arranged to investigate the whole matter. It was the matter of disrespects for doctors who were working in the hospital. Other doctors demanded for punishment for responsible so that they could never dare to show such careless behavior

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