Cattle Market Visitors gets surprises

People visiting the Karachi cattle market were surprised to see a miracle bull for sale. Every Muslim lives in this world with a wish to go into the paradise in the life to come after. Every living thing in the universe will end one day with the order of Allah Almighty. Haven is created for all the humans by the lord almighty. Only pious people and the special animals will be able to enter into Jannah on that day.

There are very few people who have been given the good news of entering into Jannah on the Judgment day. Other than the blessed people, there were a few Special animals that were also given the pre-approval of entering into paradise. Allah told the details of such blessed creatures on different places in Quran. Many animals come to cattle market.

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An Islamic scholar delivering his lecture in the blessed month of Ramadan last week told people in detail about those special animals in cattle market. They were awarded the right to enter paradise on the judgment day. Allah had granted the permission to them because of their sacrifice on this world on the order of their Lord Almighty.

The group of those special animals served the human race and helped the pious people against the evils. The Islamic scholar was telling the Muslims about such blessed creatures to guide them on the right path. The true path told by Allah, which leads every Muslim to paradise after spending his life in this world and in cattle market.

Muslims can spend their life according to the Quran and path guided by Allah. It is the only path which can lead them towards success like those special animals. Paradise is waiting for the pious servants of Lord Almighty in their life to come and in the in cattle market.

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