Christian Graveyard in London becomes haunted

A shocking footage form Christian Graveyard in London has scared people because of ghosts in it. Some British students have captured the images of ghosts in the graveyard at night when they were on a study tour. The new of ghosts in the graveyard has become viral over social media as well.

There were traces of paranormal activity in the Christian Graveyard before as well but no one had physical proof. Getting the images by chance, the British students in London have also become famous all over the England. Pictures also supported the demand of many people to close the oldest graveyard.


The Christian Graveyard had become very old and many people in London have demanded to close it. There was no further space for graves and many people were scared as well. Many times people going in the graveyard at evening were sacred withy paranormal activities.

The British government has at last decided to close the Christian Graveyard. However, closing the biggest and oldest cemetery created another problem in London. An urgent need of a new cemetery has also risen in the city as well. To address that problem government has already stared to arrange some extra place out of the city.

A large public property has acquired outside London by the British government to make a cemetery. It will take a few months to make all the arrangements in the cemetery for public to use it for burials. The old biggest Christian Graveyard has been permanently closed after declaring it a haunted place.

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