Couple faces severe trouble on road

Couple faces severe trouble when they were going on long driver after their marriage ceremony. It was about to their second week of marriage ceremony when they were plunged into earth badly. They were very happy but did not think about his event in their life ever.

According to reports, they were driving very calmly without any rush when they got the hole on main hole. According to eye witness, the hole was made when vehicle arrived at specific place. The vehicle was arrived and road got down badly including vehicle and its passengers.

Fortunately, it was the time of afternoon and people were gathered there to save their lives. They also called to emergency services but they could not wait for them and started to give them first aid. People were passionate in this regard and they got successful to save their lives before reaching any emergency service.

There could be trouble if they got down at night as people were not there in such ratio. They thanked to all the people who were involved to save the lives of couple. They were also taken to hospital to check any severe wounds but they were safe luckily from any severe wounds.

People were scolding to management who were responsible for this horrible event. It can be very dangerous if people could not help them. They were very brave as how they put their own life in danger but did not lose heart and pick them up from the vehicle bravely. People also applauded them for their daring act.

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