Culprit commits wrongdoings before police inspector

Culprit commits wrongdoings before police inspector when he was moving with plaintiff. Culprit was annoyed to plaintiff as he did not make right allegation on him. According to reports, culprit had done the same against plaintiff as what he had registered against culprit. Culprit was addicted for all this and also had influence in police station and court as well.

On the other hand, it was very shameful for the police department as culprit had committed wrongdoings before them. It raised question against efficiency of police department. Although, culprit had influence in police department but it went against culprit. He not only crossed the limits of law by slaying a person but also did it before police.


After this event, police department is facing too many questions by media and from people of plaintiff. Some also are accusing to police for all this especially plaintiff’s heirs. Media is also insulting a lot to police department as they could not have safe to that person which was already with them. This event happened in Muzaffargarh and policemen are too much disturbed after this event.

Unfortunately, our police department faces many complaints in the same style on daily basis. In other words, you can also say as they have become used to for this to face blames on themselves. The whole system of police department has been devastated badly as there is no one who can give them right direction in this regard.

Now, in the discussing matter, people are insulting too much the whole police of Muzaffargarh. On the other hand, CCPO of Multan also has noticed of this event and has issued order to arrest culprit as soon as possible. It is the same territory from where Qandeel Blaoch belongs to. Police department is trying very hard at its best level to arrest culprit as early as possible to prove itself innocent and blameless.

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