Dead man revives in the hospital hilariously

Dead man revives in the hospital hilariously when he was announced as dead. Actually it was the culprit in one of famous jail and two policemen took him in the hospital for his treatment. He got some problem in his heart while in the jail.

Jail management allows him for his checkup and sent two policemen with him. Policemen took him in the emergency when they informed after sometimes as he was no more. They were shocked after hearing his death news which was totally surprising for them. However, they admit it and could not question against doctors.

They informed to his relative as he was no more. They also asked to doctors for his postmortem as he was not the normal man but culprit. When second shift was stared and other doctors took their charge they asked to ward boys to bring the dead body for postmortem.

It was hilarious for all of them as he was not dead but alive. He was breathing fortunately and desperately need for medications. They shifted him in the emergency to give him medications. They also called to those doctors who declared him as a dead. His family was also arrived there and started to weep.

They were surprised and amazed when they listened as his member was not dead. They had no bounds of joys because of his revival. Doctors were also ashamed off over the lack responsibility which they had shown. They were also called for punishment because they did not perform according to their standards unfortunately.

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