Devastation of PIA really unacceptable

Devastation of PIA is really unacceptable for every citizen of Pakistan. It is the institution of Pakistan and does not belong to any political personality at all. However, political parties are tried to make it their own name due to which the whole institution is down to earth and very near to collapsed badly.

It was the institution on which people used to proud as it was always placed at top position whenever it talked about world’s best air companies. The famous companies of present era were used to get help from PIA officials in their different matters. They even got airplane from Pakistan International Airlines on rent for their use fortunately.

However, now the whole scenario has been reversed unfortunately. Pilots are found in objectionable condition in their cockpits and air hostesses are too old to serve their customers. There is no policy seen in Pakistan International Airlines institution due to which they are facing these days in PIA unfortunately.

Other air companies are focused over their air hostesses who are considered companies first impression towards their customers. They never allow to old age females to tackle this sector especially in airplane. They changed all those females who have lost their good looking.

They replaced those females with good looking and young females. However, talking about PIA, they could not change themselves according to world’s condition and at last they lost in this race. Now they are facing history’s worst situation in PIA which company always had its income in surplus.

PIA officials Staff 

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