Double standards of Pakistani actresses

When it talks about the ethics, it seems as it ends at the Pakistani actresses, most of the top who are running morning shows. They often seem as they are not the actresses but the daughters of religious scholars or teachers of any University of ethics. They often exaggerate the things while in their shows and try to show themselves as they are very pious and do the same as they speak to the people.

On the other hand, when someone releases their inside videos in which they are not coming on air, it breaks their faces badly. It often happens and did not belong to only single Pakistani actress or actor. In few years back, one of so called religious scholar named Amir Liaqat was also caught when he was delivering some lectures on ethics off the record.


It shook the Pakistani nation as to whom they loved a lot and worship like mad; he emerges as villain in his private life. Actually it does matter when people start to like someone publicly, they also have right to know his personal life. That particular person does not have then his personal life and he has to share everything regarding himself with public.

Same is the situation here in the given video clip in which one of renowned Pakistani actresses and celebrity named Zainab Qayyun is shown while smoking cigarette. It can be seen as it was the part of the live show in which she was on break and could not had patience. She abruptly got it and started to smoke.

When it was got viral on the social media and people saw especially to those who loved a lot with her they expressed their hate for her obnoxiously. According to some resources, all Pakistani actresses have the same condition and they do not live without these things off the camera.

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