Ethical values of society becomes alarming

In our society ethical values seem disappearing, now people have forgotten to make difference between males and females. Both are equally treated in offices and public places most of the time. It is the same situation in our neighboring country named India. That is why the cases of disrespect and with females are increasing day by day.

Nature did not allow to women to come out from homes as now a days females come. Same is the situation in India, but it definitely would be right if I say as Indian nation is more advanced in this matter. It is stark reality when female start to go out and takes it as her right, problems create at big level.

People have forgotten their religious preaches and ethical values and they have started to exaggerate the weakness of the people. The general perception is as male department exaggerate to females but sometime it seems reverse. Firstly females attract to males then captured them badly.

Given video also tells the same story of those males who like to have an eye on others’ wives. When video opens one police officer come on the screen and ring the bell of the door. One spicy, young and beautiful girl came out and asked him the reason to ring the bell.

He asked her about her husband and she said him to follow her. When he saw her he got shock after seeing her. So he met with her husband for some interrogation but he was also trapped by both husband and wife. Her husband sent police officer to her wife and there he got involved in her and badly trapped.


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