Fastest Yorker of Shahid Afridi to Andre Russel

A villagers travelling for the first time in airplane becomes huge problem for staff. People of the villages are very fond of to go abroad especially those ones who belonged to sub-continent. They have suitable income resources so they decided to send their children abroad for making more money. Sometimes they get successful in their aims and sometimes they have to return back with empty hands.

The big adventure starts when one villager goes to sit in airplane. They did not anything about the airplanes. They only have information about the air travelling as it becomes the source of travelling from Pakistan to any other country. When people of Pakistan ready to get in air jet they are recognized from their faces.

They sent very strange feelings by their faces to their comrades in the airplane. The fun starts especially at time when announcement is made about departure of plane and air hosts asks them to tie their belts. Off course, they have no ability to understand the English language and again become the laughing stuff for others.

Given footage shows as one group of villagers sitting in the plane and waiting for it departure. When airplane runs on its runway he started to cry while saying this as please stop it and do not move so fast.

When it takes a tilt to upward he has much enhancement in his voice and people started to see him amazingly. The people who are sat with him they clutched him carefully and asked him not to cry.  But he still has the same tone and did not stop crying in the airplane. Paindu in Airplane for first time

Fastest Yorker of Shahid Afridi 

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