Female disrespects on the stage

Female disrespected on the stage when she was busy in her performance. She was very famous in her performance and people also liked her too much. She was performing with full energy and was worth seeing. She was having different steps and trying to happy her lovers who were there to see her.

People were also enjoying while watching her on the stage. Actually she came on the stage after a break of about one month. People were waiting for her on the stage and she was very famous in her performance. When she came people were run towards the stage.

She was again dancing with unique steps as people were seen those ones before. She was jumping and moving her body like a magician. She was not in her control when she was dancing. People also had been engrossed in her while watching her performance.

In her performance she was continuously showing different styles of dance and also inventing different steps in the dance category. In the end, she jumped in the air and then on the ground. Actually at that time, she got it as something bad had done with her dress but she did not feel at all.

When she again tried to stand up she barely stood when her dress was on the ground. She started to run towards her room while her dress was not on her body. While remaining calm and quiet, people again started to shout at her which was proved very damaging for her.

Whats happend with Her in Performacne by IRFITV

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