Female gets into trouble on stage

Unfortunately, female gets undressed while dancing on the stage in one of private party. She was dancing with full energy as even she did not know where she is putting her steps. However, she did very well during her dancing show but in the end, she could not have full control over her dress which was put down after all.

There were many also there who were seeing to her while dancing. She also had lot of following in the city where she was busy to get laughing on the faces of the people. She was dancing on the stage and was very active in her different steps. She did not know about the knot which she had given to her dress.

She abruptly jumped on the ground then she started to make different dancing steps there. When she stood during dance she could not do it. She got it as something bad had been done with her. So, she stood up and again started to dance but it was she could not do it long. When she was up her dress was down and it was the lower portion of her body which was shameful for her.

She ran back to her room to cover her body but unfortunately she had been seen by many people. She started to weep when it was happed with her. Some of her friends were also approached when they listen about her. They started to hearten her and asked her to forget it as it often comes in their profession.

One of them was very brave and bold as she directly asked her as she should not be wept. According to her, they all do not belong to normal people as normal people do not dance at stages. However, after hearing her talk, she also kept quiet and started to focus on her work again.

Video: http://khabartaiz.com/Pgnnl

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