Female misbehaves at Five Star Hotel

Fuss condition arises by lady with hotel management when she was about to leave without paying her dues or charges. She was very near to leave when management seized her at last time. She was very brave and confident and started to fight with all of them.

She was coming at this point as she had to pay. According to her, she had paid all her dues and nothing to pay to their management. However, the record showed as she came at counter for billing once and then again returned back to her room and never came back.

Management started to request her to come in office once and just checked the information again. On the other hand, she was not ready to go back again in office. She even started to hurt some employees by punching them with her hands. Some were also on the ground when she hurt them badly.

At the end, management decided to snatch her luggage on which she got annoyed too much. They also snatched the luggage and she started to warn all people who were involved in her snatching. They did not stop to request her as she would come once in the office otherwise she could not leave.

Very strange situation has been arisen with the management and the lady as people were also shocked to see her misbehaving. According to people if she had no doubt about clearance she had to go at once and closed the topic. They also got as she was accused due to which she was not going back in office.

Crazy Woman gone out of Control

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