Female students are sentenced badly

Female students are verdict so badly when they were reached a little bit late at their school. The time of school to arrive was at sharp 9: 00 O clock but they both were about 10 minutes late. Both girls did not take care of it as it often happened with them but they never faced such kind of punishment from their school teacher.

They were worried too much when they were asked to bend like males. One teacher also tried to talk with teacher who was new comer in the school but he did not listen anything. He gave ordered to be bent as soon as possible to those girls.

Both females were frightened too much when he asked them severely to be bent in his heavy tone. It was really not suitable to sentence female like boys. Some teachers advised him not to behave with girls in this way but he did not pay attention over their advices and they also remained calm.

Fortunately or unfortunately some students got snaps of both girls being bent down. They did not wait anything and planned to show it to both girls’ parents which were amazing for them. They got angry at time and reached in school as early as possible.

Parents did not wait anybody and started to hit that school teacher harshly. Some teachers also came near to him for forbidding but they also stopped them to come near to him. They hurt him too much and said him to get out from school as early as possible. Headmaster also reached there on time and he taunted him too much and transferred him another school.

Students become murgha outside office

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