Female tourist gets hurt by Zoo Elephant at Safari Park

A female tourist was hurt by Zoo Elephant when he was visiting in Safari Park. He was in his car when he faced Angry Elephant that was stood before his car. He tried to slip away including the car but Angry Elephant did not want this. That wild animal looked very dangerous as it had some animosity with the person who was in the car. He firstly stopped the car then tried to move it fast.

When he stopped the car, Angry Elephant was also stopped and started to gaze at him. Man did not do anything against Angry Elephant as he was also not able to do anything against Angry Elephant. When man tried to skit the car nearby Angry Elephant, it attacked at once on the car. He was badly hurt while in the car but he did not lose heart to get rid from Zoo Elephant.

Video: http://khabartaiz.com/EhLXc

However, Angry Elephant was not also losing heart to attack over the man including car. Zoo Elephant was started to hit badly to vehicle as it wanted to hurt man inside the car. Actually, man had gone to wrong area of Safari from where management also stopped him to go. According to management, they also informed him not to go prohibited area.

After this event, management again started to complaint about the visitors as they did not cooperate with them. According to them, they provide each and everything for their enjoyment and also are ready to compete with any problem. However, people who come in the safari park they always do what they want.

The whole management seems very upset with complaint behavior and talking to media about the reason of this incident. They also showed that video to media in which they insisted to him to avoid such area where Angry Zoo Elephant was found. He also accepted their instructions but again went there and faced problems.

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