Females barely escape from crushing under truck

Two females were barely escaped from crushing under a big truck. It was very shiny day in one of Indian city and a big truck was going towards its destination. One motor biker tried to cross the truck but it could not maintain the balance of his bike. Although he has his wife at the back side but he did not care due to which she fell down from the bike.

She fell down right before the truck and barely escaped from crushing. On the other hand, another female also fell down when she saw that female to be fallen under the truck. She also asked to his husband to stop but she could not maintain also and on the ground.

People did not notice as petrol was started to leak on the road and they remained busy to rescue to driver. They had been fully engrossed for rescuing as driver had some severe injuries. There were also many other people standing nearby that petrol tanker and watching the whole scenario.

Some of them were also making video tapes. As due to smash of petrol tanker, the road had been fully blocked and many vehicles were gathered there. On the other hand, petrol was on its way to flow and spread on the whole road and also flowed under the nearby vehicles.

As people were busy on the other side, there was another big outburst happened on the same road. It was a small vehicle this time that was affected due to petrol tanker’s oil. It got fire from somewhere and then another tragedy happened in very short span of time.

Two Incidents At One Place at Same Time

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