Four Years Old Muslim Girl Defends Islam

A small video clip of a little girl of just four years talking about Islam has gone viral on the internet. She was delivering a lecture to hundreds of Muslims at a lecture Hall, defending Islam. The video clip of her lecture was initially aired by an Islamic teachings channel Peace TV from India

Fatima is a Junior KG Student at Islamic International School (IIS) Mumbai. She is an amazing speaker and a remarkable learner. Fatima first came into the eyes of people when she appeared in a speaking competition. She was the youngest speaker in that contest. The little speaker had won the top prize in the speech contest.

The amazing little girl had participated in many competitions all around the country and always honored with top positions. Whenever she delivers her lecture on Islam and Quran, she speaks with authority and authenticity. She gives examples from Quran, Hades and from the life of great Muslims of the past. Many people sometimes stay amazed because of her knowledge and grip on the topic.

Not only the Muslims but followers of other religions also take interest in her amazing lectures about Islam and Quran. Fatima speaks on small topics about life of Muslims and teaches people how to live in the world. She tells the people how to save our Eman from evils of this world.

Fatima Saleem has gained so much wisdom and knowledge in this young age that never witnessed before in history. Her knowledge and her grip on Quran are unmatched. Fatima is truly a pride of Islam and Muslims.


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