French atrocities with Syrian public

France does air strikes on ISIS residencies in Raaqa, Syria. According to one of France news agencies, they have made bout 20-30 air strikes on their different residencies. They further added as France Air Force also attacked over multiple residence including different governments building and privates ones. They further tell as they also have succeeded in their mission to some extent.

They further tell as they have done many air strikes in result of which they believe they have got their targets. They also believe as they have done heavy air strikes over those aggressive elements that are responsible to create fuss condition in France. In last year after facing heavy loss in human lives, France government has decided to attack in return.


The responsibility of that attack was also accepted by those elements which are living in Syria. They not only did this but they also carry on with the same activities in whole Europe and especially in France. Actually the border of France is closed to Syria due to which they have to face less trouble to enter in the territory of France.

Those elements also have announced war against all non-Muslim countries especially those ones which are directly involved in war against Muslims. They also have given ultimatum to United Kingdom and America as well. Astonishingly, that organization also has succeeded to get their soldiers from Europe and America. Most of the soldiers belonged to Europe and American having nationalities of those countries.

They have started to disrupt in the governance of France as recently one of their men also crushed people in an event by using big truck. Before this, someone also attacked in one of music hall in which France government also faced big loss in the shape of human casualties. So, France has decided to uproot all such elements which are alarming for its sovereignty.

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