Fuss condition arises by lady with hotel management

Female misbehaves with the management of Five Star Hotel in one of famous city. According to rules, customers have to pay their dues at any cost after a regular interval of 24 hours. If customer did not obey the rules, management has right to ask to customers to leave the room as early as possible. On other hand, they have reserved their rights to call any force to assist them in this case.

Same is the case happened with this woman, she tries to slip away without paying her dues or charges of her room. She was nearly slipped away from the parking area of hotel when manager got her. He requested her firstly for her dues but she denied it. According to her, she had paid but it was not reality according to manager.


When she was not coming to this site, they decided to get her luggage which she had in her hand. She started to misbehave all of them and even started to hurt some people. She hurt to employees which were trying to get her luggage. She started to warn to all management as she would see them.

After seeing her reaction, it was cleared as she did not pay at all. People who were watching the whole scenario they were also started to murmur. They said if she had paid her dues she would have no issue on it. They might have some problem in their system so she definitely behaved them politely.

She was getting hyper on everyone and warning for bad results over this disrespect. She was just talking about her disrespect and disgrace. She was not considering those employees to whom she had slapped couple of time within five minutes. In the end, management did not let her go without paying dues and she had to call someone for paying her dues.

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