Girls in the hostel having secret celebrations

There are some girls in the hostels who are having fun by celebrating birthday party of her friend. They all are invited on the function before cutting the cake. It seems as there are some wedding function there but it was the birthday party.

They have invited to all hostel girls for having some fun at the birthday party and they did so. After cutting the cake and singing the song of happy birthday, they started to dance and have fun with each other.

For sometimes, it also feels as it was not the hostel girls but some village girls but the way as they all were behaving at the party it also gives gesture of hostel girls. They were all of same age and are well dressed.

There are more than one who were cutting the cakes and getting praise of happy birthday and live long. It seems as they had many girls for birthday so that many girls were invited there in the very small room.

In short, all girls were very happy and enjoying the whole environment of party. They all were dancing including those ones who had their birthday and also had cut the cake. They were yelling in happiness and pushing each other for having fun.

Hostel Girls Hidden Party

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