Goldmine walks in streets of KPK

25-year-old Salheen Khan has become walking goldmine on streets of Peshawar actually. Loaded with heavy gold chain, nearly dozen rings around fingers and wrists covered with number of gold chains. To add more watch made of 24-K gold makes him unique figure among others in KPK.

The unique hobby of becoming goldmine also made his life endangered. Wearing almost kilo of pure gold and having lot of other gold made things in hands gives an open invitation to robbers and other criminals to anything bad at time. At a place like KPK such things are always in cards.

It was a unique hobby carried by the youngster in KPK. It was also expected that his name will may be added in book of world records soon. Several religious scholars have raised concerns for a Muslim man using gold. Salheen becoming a walking goldmine has become bad example of Islamic values.

Several human rights activists KPK also raised questions on unnecessary spending for only show off. However, Salheen, the walking goldmine has rejected every allegation. The man has continued wearing gold and will use in future also. Answering to human rights activist, Salheen said he spends much to his satisfaction for welfare of others. Personal spending on his own hobby does not affect his welfare work.

In KPK people some families are very wealthy and use of gold by their women. Use of gold has considered being sign of importance in society. Walking goldmine in Peshawar was one more example of traditions in KP.


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