Guardian Angel Ghost caught on camera in America

Two angels were caught on camera in America when one production company was busy in making movie of Hollywood. They were trying to get the scene according to the role when they had view of two angels in the camera. It was happened in the one of famous states of America named California. The cameraman also tried to find them again but they could not.

It was a wonderful and strange event for the cameramen when they had that view with their naked eye. They actually want to make that scene in their movie which was so natural. These types of events often happen around the world and release on print media and in live transmission. Some days ago, people found one angel in the vicinity of Makkah.

According to rumors, it was the angel who was running around the Kaaba and making circles around it. It got famous around the whole world and more popular in the Muslim countries. Muslim people also took it as miracle from Allah, however some people named it as publicity stunt and there was no reality in it. According to them, some opponents of Muslim do it just to disgrace them but they always fail in their mission against Muslims.

There was also another video clip in which one angel also caught in the camera. It seems as it happened in one of public place like at airport. There was very big and bright creature appeared on the floor and in one second it again disappeared. People also ran towards it but it did not take time to them to see closely and slipped away. It can also be seen with open eye in the video.

However, talking about two angels which were seen in America, they were so real and had very clear vision. They also mesmerized to its watchers who were busy in suiting for some Hollywood movie.

Ghost spirit caught on tape

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