Historical Mosque constructed by Prophet (PBUH)

Historical Mosque in Taif constructed by Prophet (SAW) that was later is being ignored by the management of holy places. The place definitely is one of the belongings of Muhammad (PBUH) that is present in its original shape on Holy land. It is same as today as it was in the age of Prophet (PBUH).

According to people, the holy land of Makkah and Medina both have many other historical places which belong to our beloved prophet (PBUH). Muslims come here for Hajj and Umra in Saudi Arabia. They especially visit every mosque that is attributed with the name of Prophet.


 Off course, all these places and many other belongings of Prophet are very precious and historical assets for all Muslims around the world. According the preaching of Islam, the home of Allah is the Khana Kaaba that is quilted in Haram and people go there to perform their Hajj.

Off course, the Khana Kaaba was also built by Prophet but there are also many other Mosques that were constructed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There is also another mosque that is still present in the original form right now. According to Historians, it is that precious and peculiar mosque where non-Muslims try to attack on Prophet.

Fortunately, as Allah always remain with the Prophet (SAW), when they threw a very big stone on the mosque. Allah gave order to stop to that stone and that was halt in the air. Non-Muslims could not do anything after it and they all were fled away.


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