Hollywood cameramen Captures Guardian Angel Ghost

Cameramen of Hollywood were busy in making movie when they noticed two angels through their cameras. They were having the scenes of clouds when they got that scene which was remarkable for them in their lives.

They also tried again to find those angels by using their cameras but they were unable in second time. They got mesmerized after watching those angels. They also shared that video on the multiple internet portals for the whole world.

It became viral after it loading in next ten minutes. People watch this video again and again and also referred to their friend to watch it. It was as natural as nobody can make that scene by his own. It was the quality work of Allah who showed His perfection in the form of angels.

Even Christians also believe in angels although they do not believe in Holy Book Quran and Prophet Muhammad. They also believe in Allah and Day of Judgment. The only difference between Christians and the Muslims is to believe in Prophet Muhammad and about Prophet Isa (A.S).

So summing up the story, cameramen of Hollywood were amazed and had no words for their praise. They said as they had never seen such beautiful creature around the world before. It was the beautiful ones they had even seen.

Real Angel must see

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