Horrible fall of female from the vehicle

Female dropped down from the vehicle very badly when she was behaving with nonsense. She was also asked many times from her friends to behave sensibly but she did not admit to anyone. She was moving from one place to another and was not sitting properly. She was trying to become stuntman before falling from vehicle.

All were in the cradle and they wanted to open their fasts while halting situation in the air. Those rich people arranged all accessories to give a final shape of their dream. They arranged heavy crane that took the cradle in the air and also some other basic things.

People were also gathered there to see such a different and unique adventure. It was the first time when people are involving in such kind of activity. It was never happened again in any state of Arabs. They also wanted to do it as it was never dared to do it before.

When they were up in the air, they halt there for about 3 minutes and then there was very dangerous thing happened to them. All were on the ground including the cradle. Yes, cradle could not afford or weight of all people unfortunately.

All people on the ground and people were also worried as how it was possible to break it. According to sources, cradle was attached to heavy crane which was not possible to break but it had done and almost all people were in ICU. She was not in danger zone according to doctor when she was reported last time.

Woman Falls of the Vehicle

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