Horrible reaction of France against Syrian Enemies

Very horrible reaction is showed from France against all Criminal elements which are living in Syria. They are those ones who also have firstly displaced to Syrian people from their homes. More than 60% Syrians have been displaced from their own homes to Germany. Now they have started to disrupt those states which are close to them.

They already have announced war situation with all non Muslims countries. According to them, they are going to take revenge of one of wanted personality in the world. They are taking about that personality to whom American soldiers put him in the sea after his death.

Those Criminal elements also have accepted responsibility of that Criminal attack which was done in last year since November. In that attack, France was shaken badly and still recovering from that loss. It was happened at time when Prime Minister of France was watching live match in the Stadium in Paris.

It was not enough as they again attacked in France and they asked to France government as they would never stop these attacks. They all have warned to all those countries who were allies against Iraq and Afghanistan. They also have sent many threats to American and United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, most of the soldiers are belonged to European Countries and America. Most of them are converted and some are Muslims, they also give hate speaks against their countries and tell them as they are coming to you very soon.  Now France is very serious in this matter and it would again attack on them whenever it would feel necessary.

Syria Bombing (What the news doesn’t show you)

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