Hostel girls Celebrates secret birthday party

When it talks about hostel life, it definitely has its own angles to live in the unique environment of hostel. A mixture of different creeds gathered in the hostel and it provides a mix environment to learn by study and with people experiences while living in hostels. It is also states as about the live of hostel, it is necessary to visit hostel life once.

Given video also seems about the hostel life where numbers of girls are gathered and they are celebrating some birthday of her friend. They all are very excited and seem passionate before the cutting the birthday cake and inviting to all friends who belong to them. It can be seen as in very small there are many girls gathered in minutes.


It is the beauty of the hostel life as sometimes more than dozens boys can accommodate in single room when they want to get enjoy altogether. Actually hostels are provided by the college management to those students who belonged to rural and far off areas and do not have accommodation in the city.

It is considered as necessary to provide hostel to college students because without it college concept does not complete. College life also considers as beautiful as to those student who want to get study environment and do want any disturbance during the study. In the hostel life, study hours are also decided by the hostel warden who also checks to all students whether they are studying or not.

Coming back to the given video in which girls are enjoying a lot on celebration of birthday and even dancing and having fun. It is the beauty of the hostel which always recorded in the hearts of the hostel students and they always give smile when they remember the memories of the hostel life.

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