Indian Soldier becomes laughing stuff at Wagah border

Indian and Pakistani soldier at wagah border were performing their flag downing ceremony when one of Indian soldiers faced some problem. It was happened when both ranger soldiers have come very close to each other. Many people were also present there to see the event from both countries.

Army men of both countries were also present there to witness the event. Soldiers were very proactive during the time of ceremony taking place. They all were showing their skills to the audience who had come there for encouraging purpose to their soldiers. In previous days, nothing embarrassing thing happened so far but this time it was took place by chance.


As per information when ranger soldiers of both countries were performing their flag downing ceremony Indian soldier could not control his balance. Due to this, he also had not control over his turban as it was about on the earth. He barely controlled to his turban from going down on the earth.

The incident was reported by media men from both countries who had been visiting and covering the whole event. It is done for to encourage their countries’ soldiers. As the flag downing ceremony was being held so people of Pakistan started to shout with full of their heart and tried to embarrass them.

Actually the rivalry of both countries is very well known around the world. The people of both countries also have hatred for each other too much. So when these kinds of incidents happen, people of both countries enjoy a lot and tried to disrespect to other countries’ people and soldiers as well.


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