Indian Soldier lost his balance during flag parade

At Wagah border soldiers of India and Pakistan were performing flag ceremony at the end of the day. As per information, the incident took place on March 16 when flag downing ceremony was being held and many people of India and Pakistan were sitting on both sides of the border. The ceremony of flag downing event has very great passion on both sides.

The soldiers of both sides did not fight with intentions as they had bit misconception of stepping in other territory one day before. Wagah border is a place where every day flag raising and downing ceremony taking place for quite some time.

People from both countries like to go and see the ranger soldiers of both countries while performing their duties with great passion. The news of losing the balance of one of Indian ranger soldier went viral on some of the news channels and on all internet portals as well.

Indian media is showing to their viewers that the incident was caused by the Pakistani ranger soldiers as he tried to deceive him. However the video of the incident clearly shows he himself loses his balance and could not control his turban during the parade.

Ranger soldiers at wagah border are very vigilant and some army men also sitting there to see the flag raising and downing ceremony. The fall of Indian soldier was very disgraceful for all Indians because they appointed their best ones to perform that ceremony. It also raised the question on the competency of ranger’s ability after this incident.

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