Indian Stars Gave Opinons About India And Pakistan War Tensions

Sonakshi Sinha, a mediocre actress in the bollywood industry, tried to grab attention by expressing some sort of nonsense comments without realising the implications or consequences of such statements. She said that India should have attacked on Pakistan border even months prior to the present time.

Such stupid ideas from the mouths of such so called articles bring harm to the society. People follow their stars but when these stars don’t promote peace and love then what makes them different from the warmongers.

Sonakshi, who has nothing more than a couple of hist movies into her credit, tried to grab the attention of Indian people and media by expressing her cheap ideas. She even doesn’t know what she talked about because she would have avoided such comments had she been aware of the consequences of war.

Besides that, she also supported the step of banning Pakistani actors from working in India, which is quite shocking as she is also an actress. Instead of spreading love and peace, she is speaking the language of a person who wants war.

Most of the Indian starsĀ have given negative views for Pakistani actors working in Indian industry. This might be because of their excellent acting skills which can create a negativeĀ on their limelight in Bollywood industry.

Whereas Pakistani actors have already abandoned all their shoots in India and are back in Pakistan.

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